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High Quality Brake Components for Corporate and Commuter Aircraft

Rapco Fleet Support is the industry leader in the manufacture of high-quality, independently engineered and tested PMA approved aircraft brake parts. We make aviation brake parts for commuter and corporate airliners such as the Embraer EMB120, the Cessna Citation 500 or 550 and King Air 200, among others.

We manufacture OEM alternative brake parts.

PMA Approved Corporate Aircraft Replacement Brake Parts

Aircraft brake manufacturer, Rapco Fleet Support, designs, tests, manufactures and sells FAA/PMA approved aviation brake parts for the following corporate jets:

Sabreliner 40, 60 & 65 Aircraft Brake Parts Manufacturers


Discs, wear pads, rivets and brake assemblies for Sabreliner 40, 60 & 65 private aircraft.

Beechcraft 400A Brake Components Manufacturers


OEM alternative pads, swage tubes, rivets and pressure plates for Beechjet 400A airplanes.

Dassault Falcon 20 Brake Parts Suppliers

Dassault Falcon

PMA brake parts for the Falcon 20 series: rivets, pads, discs and sub-assemblies.

Hawker Brake Component Suppliers


Pads, disc segments, rivets and pressure plates for Hawker aircraft.

Citation 500 550 Brake Parts Manufacturing Company


Replacement aircraft brake components for Citation 500 & 550 airplanes.

Learjet 25 31 35 35A 36A Brake Part Manufacturers


Discs, pads and rivets for Learjet 25, 31, 35, 35A and 36A private aircraft.

King Air 200/300/350 Aircraft Brake Manufacturers

King Air

PMA brake parts for King Air 200/300/350 corporate airplanes.

Sikorsky S-76 Aircraft Brake Manufacturers

Sikorsky S-76

FAA-PMA approved brake components for the Sikorsky S-76 helicopter.


Globalized businesses increasingly rely on aircraft to facilitate interstate and international business. FAA/PMA approved brake parts from RFS ensure that corporate aircraft remain in perfect and safe working order for a long life of global travel.

PMA Approved Commuter Aircraft Replacement Brake Parts

We supply independently engineered and PMA approved brake parts for versatile, small commuter aircraft and larger corporate aircraft:

Beech 1900C & 1900D Brake Part Manufacturers


OEM alternative brake parts for Beech 1900C & 1900D commuter aircraft.

Embraer EMB-120 Aircraft Brake Part Suppliers


FAA approved aircraft brake parts for the Embraer EMB-120 commuter aircraft.

Jetstream J31 Aircraft Brake Part Manufacturers


High quality, thoroughly tested PMA brake parts for the Jetstream J31.

Fairchild SA227 OEM Alternative Brake Parts Manufacturers


PMA aircraft brake parts for Fairchild commuter private aircraft.

King Air 100 F90 B99 Brake Part Manufacturers

King Air

Overhaul kits and replacement parts for King Air 100, F90 & B99 commuter aircraft.

Rapco Fleet Support provides the highest quality and value commuter airline brake parts to keep costs of air travel under control, thus increasing consumers’ ability to travel at their leisure.

PMA Approval Process Ensures Aircraft Parts are Safe and Effective

PMA approved aircraft wear pads

Wear pads, discs, plates, rivets and more PMA brake parts are available from Rapco Fleet Support.

The old myth pushed by OEM companies that PMA parts aren’t as reliable as OEM replacement parts is dead. Time and time again, the evidence and data from the FAA itself confirms PMA approved parts are a legitimate and safe option for replacement aircraft brake parts. When weighing OEM vs. PMA brake parts, you must consider quality and price. PMA approved brake components come out on top in both respects.

View more information about PMA approved parts straight from the FAA website.

Compliance with FAA Regulations Means a Safer Brake Part

In the face of legitimate competition from serious aftermarket brake manufacturers, OEM's have continually pushed the agenda that their original manufactured parts are safer than PMA approved components. It's just not true. The PMA approval process is corroborated by strict FAA rules and regulations, including certification procedures, maintenance, rebuilding and alteration based on exhaustive inspection and flight testing.

Better brake parts. Better prices.


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