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Corporate Aircraft Brake Parts

FAA-PMA Approved Parts for Commercial Airliners

Corporate jet landing gear with FAA-PMA approved brake parts

Aviation Brake Parts for Corporate Aircraft

Aviation brake parts for corporate aircraft are a critical component of the safety and operation of any business jet or airliner. When it comes to ensuring the safety of your passengers and crew, you can't afford to take chances with inferior products or faulty equipment. That's why it's important to choose an aviation brake parts supplier you can trust, one with a proven track record of supplying quality parts that meet or exceed the most stringent safety standards.

At Rapco Fleet Supply, we pride ourselves on being just such a supplier, one who puts safety first and never compromises on quality. With more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace industry, we know what it takes to deliver top-quality products that meet our customers' exacting requirements. So if you're looking for aviation brake parts that will keep your aircraft safe and flying reliably, look no further than Rapco.

Stop Overpaying for Replacement Aviation Brake Parts

If you're in the aviation industry, you know the importance of maintaining high-quality brakes on your aircraft. But you may also know the frustration of overpaying for replacement brake parts. Replacement aircraft brake parts are essential components of any aviation system, yet they can often be incredibly expensive and difficult to acquire. As an airline or aircraft owner, it is important to understand how to get the best value for these parts without breaking the bank.

It's a common problem in the industry - manufacturers charge exorbitant prices for replacement brake parts, leading to inflated maintenance costs. This can put a strain on your budget and potentially jeopardize the safety of your aircraft.

One smart solution to instantly decrease costs is to stop choosing overpriced OEM replacement brake parts and switch to Rapco Fleet Support FAA PMA approved brake parts.

We Carry PMA Approved Brake Parts for Common Corporate Aircraft

Corporate aircraft brake disc sub assembly

Save thousands on aircraft brake parts by switching from the OEM to PMA components manufacturers.

Rapco Fleet Support offers replacement pressure plates, stationary discs, rotating discs, and wear pads for some of the most popular corporate aircraft in service today. We sell FAA PMA approved aftermarket brake wear parts complying with strict FAA regulations for the following corporate aircraft:

Quality FAA PMA Approved Brake Parts

Our designs, engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control, and quality assurance programs are uncompromising, comprehensive and rigorous. RFS Rapco Fleet Support uses the latest technology and strictly adheres to Federal regulations to bring the safest products to the market.

Rapco Fleet Support consistently leads the way with our independent all-in-house system to bring you PMA approved aftermarket brake parts for Cessna, King Air, and more with uncompromising value.

Corporate Aircraft Brake Specifications

AircraftBrake TypeBrake Disc DiameterBrake Disc Thickness
Sabreliner 40 Carbon 16.5 in 1.5 in
Sabreliner 60 Carbon 16.5 in 1.5 in
Sabreliner 65 Carbon 16.5 in 1.5 in
Beechjet 400A Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Falcon 20 Series Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Hawker Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Sikorsky S-76 Carbon 16.5 in 1.5 in
Gates Learjet 25 Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Gates Learjet 31 Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Gates Learjet 35 Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Gates Learjet 35A Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Gates Learjet 36 Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
Gates Learjet 55 Carbon 14.0 in 1.5 in
King Air 200 Carbon 16.0 in 1.5 in
King Air 300 Carbon 16.0 in 1.5 in
King Air 350 Carbon 16.0 in 1.5 in
King Air High Float Carbon 16.0 in 1.5 in
King Air Standard Carbon 16.0 in 1.5 in

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