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Corporate jet landing gear with FAA-PMA approved brake parts

PMA/FAA Approved Components for Learjet Corporate Airliners

At Rapco Fleet Support, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of FAA-approved parts specifically designed for Learjet private corporate jets. Our commitment to quality, safety, and cost-effectiveness has made us a trusted name in the aviation industry for over 15 years.

Rapco Fleet Support's aircraft part manufacturers offer PMA – FAA approved brake parts for various Learjet models, ensuring the highest standards of performance and safety.

We provide a comprehensive range of brake parts designed to meet the specific needs of Learjet models.


Why Choose Rapco Fleet Support for Learjet Parts?

  • High-Quality, PMA Brake Parts: Our FAA-PMA approved brake parts are rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness and reliability, offering better products at better prices.
  • Comprehensive In-House System: From design to delivery, Rapco Fleet Support is a coherent system, allowing us to work with customers in a timely, professional, and world-class manner.
  • Quick Delivery and Flexibility: Benefit from our fast turnaround time and the flexibility of production, ensuring you get the parts you need when you need them.
  • Proven Performance: Our PMA-approved brake components exceed OEM performance standards, providing serious savings without compromising on safety.

The Importance of PMA-Approval

What is PMA?

PMA, or Parts Manufacturer Approval, is a designation granted by the FAA to manufacturers who have demonstrated the ability to produce aircraft parts that meet or exceed the safety and performance standards set by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). PMA-approved parts are a cost-effective alternative to OEM parts, providing operators with reliable, high-quality components without compromising safety.

PMA-Approved Learjet Parts

Rapco Fleet Support takes pride in being a trusted provider of PMA-approved Learjet parts. Our commitment to the PMA approval process involves rigorous testing, documentation, and adherence to FAA regulations, ensuring that each part meets the highest standards of safety and performance.

Advantages of Choosing PMA-Approved Learjet Parts

  • Cost Savings: PMA-approved parts often come at a fraction of the cost of OEM parts, providing significant savings for Learjet operators.
  • Availability: With a comprehensive in-house system and a worldwide network of distributors, we ensure the timely availability of PMA-approved Learjet parts.
  • Quality Assurance: Our PMA-approved parts undergo thorough testing, including dynamometer test landings and FAA-regulated flight tests, to guarantee reliability and effectiveness.
  • Flexibility: Unlike OEMs, Rapco Fleet Support offers flexibility in production and delivery, allowing us to meet the specific needs and timelines of our customers.

Trust Rapco Fleet Support for Your Learjet Parts Needs

Whether you're in search of brake components, landing gear parts, or any other Learjet component, Rapco Fleet Support is your trusted partner. Our commitment to safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness makes us a preferred choice for Learjet operators worldwide.

Explore our Distributors Page to find the nearest distributor or contact us directly for inquiries about our PMA-approved Learjet parts.

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