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Sabreliner Aircraft Brake Parts

Corporate jet landing gear with FAA-PMA approved brake parts

Sabreliner PMA Brake Parts – A Seriously Better Brake

The Sabreliner is a mid-sized jet aircraft that was originally designed and built by the North American Rockwell Corporation in the 1960s. The aircraft is known for its sleek, streamlined design and its impressive speed and performance capabilities. It has a long, slender fuselage with a pair of swept-back wings that are mounted on the top of the fuselage. The aircraft is powered by two powerful turbofan engines that provide it with a maximum speed of over 600 mph and a range of over 2,000 miles. It is commonly used by the military and government agencies for surveillance and transport missions, as well as by private companies for executive travel.

Rapco Fleet Support, a leading aircraft brake manufacturer, offers PMA – FAA approved brake parts for Sabreliner private corporate jets. These high-quality parts include brake pads, discs, rivets, pressure plates, and assemblies, all designed to provide superior stopping power and reliability for this sleek, powerful jet. The Sabreliner is known for its impressive speed and performance, and Rapco's brake parts are designed to ensure that these aircraft can safely and effectively stop and maneuver in any situation. Whether you are a military or government agency using the Sabreliner for surveillance and transport missions, or a private company using it for executive travel, Rapco's brake parts are the perfect choice for keeping your aircraft operating at its best.

Sabreliner Corporate Aircraft Models

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Sabreliner Corporate Aircraft Brake Parts Manufacturer

RFS-9550338K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.Goodyear/ABS P.N.Part Description 
3 RFS1055 5002531 Rotating Disc View Part
60 RFS3090 5003956 Wear Pad View Part
60 RFS8A18 GYR8A18 Rivet (Stationary) View Part
60 RFS18B9 GYR18B9 Rivet (Pressure & Back) View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.

*Note: the RFS1055 rotating disc is NOT approved for the Sabreliner 65.

Sabreliner 40/60/65 Brake Parts
QTYRFS Part No.Goodyear/ABS P.N.Part Description 
1 RFS5175* 5003958 Pressure Plate Sub-assembly View Part
1 RFS4150 5002758 Pressure Plate View Part
2 RFS5125* 5003957 Stationary Disc Sub-assembly View Part
2 RFS2050 5002756 Stationary Disc View Part

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