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Rivet (Stationary) RFS8A18

Rivet (Stationary) RFS8A18 for Sabreliner 40, Sabreliner 60, Sabreliner 65 Aircraft Brakes

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

The GYR8A18 Rivet Improves on its OEM Alternative

Aircraft rivets come in all shapes and sizes from stainless steel to aluminum and brass to copper, but choosing the best type for your airplane model usually comes down to one question: OEM or PMA? A lot of customers worry about the safety of PMA products because they’re the better deal, but with the same approval process as the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s products, what are you really losing out on?

Rapco Fleet Support isn’t only your best source for more affordable, safe aircraft brake system components, but we have all the answers you’re looking for too:

Don’t limit yourself to OEM replacement parts. While OEM may have years behind them, they are no longer the only manufacturer with proven safety and budget-saving prices on aircraft parts. If you want a better deal on equally functional and reliable airplane rivets, choose PMA with Rapco Fleet Support. Our selection covers a wide range of commuter and corporate airplane models so you’re bound to find what you need with our Sabreliner brake rivets supplier!

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