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Dassault Falcon 20 FAA/PMA Approved Brake Parts

Dassault Falcon 20 Series OEM Alternative Brake PartsThe Dassault Falcon 20 corporate airliner was the first in a series of business jets built by the French aviation firm Dassault. The predecessor to the Falcon 20, the Dassault-Berguet Mystere 20, made its maiden flight in 1964. Widely used as a business jet throughout the 1960’s, ‘70’s and ‘80s, the Falcon 20 was retired from production in 1988, although many of these jets still remain in service worldwide.

Brake Overhaul Kits for the Falcon 20

Rapco Fleet Support offers FAA-PMA approved brake overhaul kits to fit Falcon 20 models originally equipped with Goodyear/ABSC brake assembly 9550504.


RFS-9550504K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.ABSC PNPart Description 
3 RFS1065 9542927 Rotating Disc View Part
90 RFS3085 5000207 Wear Pad View Part
30 RFS18B8 GY18B8 Rivet (Pressure Plate) View Part
15 RFS18B9 GY18B9 Rivet (Back Plate) View Part
15 RFS18B16 GY18B16 Rivet (Back Plate) View Part
60 RFS18A13 GY18A13 Rivet (Stationary Plate) View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.
More Dassault Falcon 20 Brake Parts
QTYRFS Part No.ABSC PNPart Description 
1 RFS5110 5000209 Pressure Plate Sub-assembly* View Part
1 RFS4125 N/A Pressure Plate View Part
1 RFS5115 5000210 Back Plate Sub-assembly* View Part
1 RFS4130 N/A Back Plate View Part
2 RFS5120 5000208 Stationary Disc Sub-assembly* View Part
2 RFS2045 9542648 Stationary Disc View Part
* These parts are sold as a sub-assembly with the wear pads already riveted on. 

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