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Mitsubishi Aircraft PMA Brake Parts & Kits

Here at RFS Brakes, we're proud to carry brake parts for all your Mitsubishi Aircraft models. With low prices on brake discs, overhaul kits, mounting pins, and more, you'll have your aircraft fixed in no time. We carry brake parts for all Mitsubishi MU-2B models.

This Application Guide is to be used for reference only. When selecting a part for installation consult the appropriate aircraft maintenance manual, parts catalogue, or equipment list for optional installations. To convert an original equipment part number to a RAPCO part number, add RA to the beginning of the OEM number. Refer to the FAA-PMA Supplement for installation eligibility.

Rapco PMA Parts for Mitsubishi Aircraft include:Mitsubishi MU-2B PMA Brake Parts

Learn more about OEM vs. PMA aircraft brake parts. Why Rapco?

Mitsubishi / Model

  • MU-2B
  • MU-2B-10
  • MU-2B-15
  • MU-2B-20
  • MU-2B-25
  • MU-2B-26
  • MU-2B-26A
  • MU-2B-30
  • MU-2B-35
  • MU-2B-36
  • MU-2B-36A
  • MU-2B-40
  • MU-2B-60

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