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FAA/PMA Approved Brake Parts for General Aviation & Trainer AircraftBeech Skipper landing brakes & pma parts

The cost of repairs, maintenance, and parts replacement for privately owned, G.A., and trainer aircraft can be too expensive for hobbyist pilots and flight schools. Trusting only in OEM replacement parts drives up the price of doing business and the hobbyist's ability to do what they love.

PMA approved aircraft brake parts from Rapco Fleet Support offer you up to 40% savings for replacement brakes parts, getting you high-quality PMA parts for a much lower cost.

 Why choose PMA brake parts for your trainer aircraft?

More rigorously tested?
Real world testing?
Most affordable?

PMA Aircraft Parts: Compensating for the Student Pilot Effect 

Student pilots are notorious for riding the brakes, making the hardest landings, and causing more general wear-and-tear than any other pilots. Combine that with the immense amount of flight hours trainer aircraft get, and the cost of maintenance and repair goes way up. Being able to save money on replacement parts can be the difference between a flight school succeeding or not - or a hobbyist being able to afford their favorite pastime.

Serious Aircraft Brake Components. Serious Savings.

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Replacement Brake Parts for Common General Aviation Planes

Stationary discs for aircraft brakes

PMA brake parts manufactured by Rapco Fleet Support mean greater quality for a lower price.

Rapco Fleet Support has engineered FAA/PMA approved brake parts for the following models of general aviation and trainer aircraft:

PMA Approval Process Ensures the Safest Performance

OEM’s have attacked and attempted to delegitimize independent manufacturers of aftermarket aviation parts and the PMA process for years. They claim you cannot trust replacement parts that aren’t sourced from the original manufacturer of the plane. Time and time again, this has been disproven. The PMA process is just as strict as the process validating the OEM parts themselves. The FAA has approved qualified PMA parts designed and manufactured under the watchful eye of multiple regulatory agencies.

Rapco Fleet Support provides high-quality FAA/PMA approved brake parts for distributors of aviation parts. We manufacture high-performance, reliable, and rigorously tested brake parts for general aviation & trainer aircraft - all for a much more affordable price.

For information on our commuter airline replacement brake parts, contact aircraft brake part manufacturers at RFS Brakes today.


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