Brake Disc, Linings, Overhaul Kits, Rivets, Mounting Pins, Pressure Plates, Shim Insulators, Drive Keys Replacements for Cleveland and McCauley Wheel and Brake Assemblies

This Application Guide is to be used for reference only.  When selecting a part for installation consult the appropriate aircraft maintenance manual, parts catalog, or equipment list for optional installations.  To convert an original equipment part number to a RAPCO part number, add RA to the beginning of the OEM number. Refer to the FAA-PMA Supplement for installation eligibility.

Cessna / Model

120, 140
120, 140, 140A

150, 152 with Cleveland Brakes
150A, 150B, 150C, 150D, 150E, 150F, 150G, 150H, 150J,150K, A150K Aerobat, 150L, A150L, FA150K, FA150L, FRA150L, 152, A152, F152, FA152

150, 152, with McCauley Brakes
150, A150, F150, F152, 152, FA152 (Reims)

162 SkyCatcher

170, 170A, 170B

172 with Cleveland Brakes
172,172A thru 172E Skyhawk, P172D, 172F, 172G, 172H, 172I, K, 172L thru 172S, F172F, G, 172G, H, F172K, F172RG Cutlass

172 with McCauley Brakes
172, R172, F172 (Reims), FR172 (Reims), 172RG Cutlass

175, 175A, 175B, 175C Skylark

177 with Cleveland Brakes
177 A, B Cardinal, 177RG, F177RG, 177, 177RG, F177RG

177 with McCauley Brakes
177RG, F177RG, 177, F177RG (Reims)

180 with Cleveland Brakes
180, 180A, thru 180F Skywagon, 180, 180A thru 180H, 180J, 180K

180 with McCauley Brakes
180 Series Skywagon

182 with Cleveland Brakes
182,182A thru 182G Skylane, 182G thru N, 182P, 182Q, R182, TR182, FR182 (Reims), 182S, TR182, FR182 (Reims), 182S, 182T, T182T

182 with McCauley Brakes
182 Series, F182 (Reims), R182, TR182, FR182 (Reims), T182

185 with Cleveland Brakes
185, 185A thru 185E, A185E, A185F

185 with McCauley Brakes
185 Series Skywagon

188, A188, 188A Agwagon, A188A, 188B, A188B, T188C

190, 195
190, 195, 195A, 195B

205, 205A Stationair

206 with Cleveland Brakes
206, P206, U206, U206F, U206G, TU206E, TU206F, TU206G, Super Skywagon, Stationair, 206E, 206F, P206, Super Skylane, 206H, T206H

206 with McCauley Brakes
206 Series

207 with Cleveland Brakes
207 Series, Skywagon, Stationair 7, 8

208 Caravan 1, 208B

210 with Cleveland Brakes
210, 210A, 210B, 210C, Centurian, 210K, 210L, 210M, 210N, 210D thru M, T210F, T210K, T210L, T210M, T210N, P210N, P210

210 with McCauley Brakes
210 Series

350 / 400 Corvalis
350 Corvalis (LC42-550FG), 400 Corvalis (LC41-550FG)

300 Series Multi-Engine
303, T303 Crusader, 305A, B, C, D, E, F, USAF O-1A, -1E, -1G, 310, 310A thru 310H, E310H, 310I, 310J, 310J-1, E310J, 310K, 310L, 310N, 310P, T310P, 310Q, T310Q, 310R, T310R, 310 Series, 320, 320-1, 320A, 320B, 320C, Skynight, 320D, 320E, 320F, 335, 336 Skymaster, 337, 337A (USAF 02B) Skymaster, 337B, 337 B thru D, 337E, 340 Series, 340, 340A

400 Series Multi-Engine
401, 401A, 401B, 402, 402A, 402B, 402C, 411, 411A, 414, 421, 421A, 421B, 421C, 401 Series, 402 Series, 404 Titan, 414 Chancellor, 414A, 421C Golden Eagle, 425 Corsair, 441

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