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Brake Overhaul Kit RFS-1897K

Brake Overhaul Kit RFS-1897K for Hawker 800, Hawker 850, Hawker 900 Aircrafts

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


RFS Part Number:
Dunlop AH52787
AHO89444 (Heat Stack)
Compatible Aircraft:
RFS-1897K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.Dunlop PNPart Description 
18 RFS1050 AHM9053 Rotating Disc Segment View Part
48 RFS3075 AHO83829-6 Wear Pad View Part
24 RFS80972-1 AHO80972-1 Rivet, Stationary & Back Plate View Part
8 RFS80972-3 AHO80972-3 Rivet, Pressure Plate View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.

FAA Safety Approved Brake Overhaul Kit RFS-1897K

The PMA RFS-1897K brake overhaul kit is FAA safety compliant. Our top quality aircraft brake kit is compatible with the Hawker 800, 850 & 900 mid-size commercial aircrafts. All aircraft replacement parts from Rapco Fleet Support follow the same strict safety guidelines as OEM parts.

Learn more about PMA safety standards:

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