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Rivet, Stationary & Back Plate RFS80972-1

Rivet, Stationary & Back Plate RFS80972-1 for Hawker 600, Hawker 700, Hawker 800, Hawker 850, Hawker 900 Brake Overhauls

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

PMA RFS80972-1 Satisfies the Same Aircraft Brake Safety Standards of an OEM Part – it just Costs Less!

Contrary to popular belief, aircraft brake system replacement parts from PMA have similar, if not identical, quality and safety standards when compared to OEM stock. When you compare OEM and PMA, you’ll find the biggest difference is what you’re paying.

Competitive pricing from PMA has thrown OEM off their game.

Aircraft can’t be sent 39,000 ft. up in the air with low quality brake parts. Every commercial and private airliner relies on high-quality parts for their brake systems, meaning there’s no place for anything less than the best. OEM and PMA parts are all put through the same rigorous manufacturing approval process. PMA parts don’t skip a single standard or expectation – we can only remain competitive in this industry with low prices on the same quality brake system parts. Don’t pay more for parts you’re not getting anything special with!

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