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Hawker 850 Executive Brake Parts

Aircraft Brake Part Manufacturer for the Hawker 850Developed by British Aerospace and assembled by Hawker Beechcraft, the mid-sized Hawker 850 series jet offers spacious cabins, excellent speed and ranges up to 3,200 miles. The Hawker 850 jet remains a preferred aircraft for corporate use as well as charter flights.

FAA/PMA approved brake parts from Rapco Fleet Support offer you a serious brake at a seriously good price. You are NOT mercy to the whims of the OEM.

Brake Overhaul Kits for the Hawker 850

Rapco Fleet Support offers FAA-PMA approved brake overhaul kits to fit Hawker 850 aircraft equipped with Dunlop brake assembly AHA1897.

Rapco Fleet Support, Inc. to Dunlop Part Number cross-reference:

RFS-1897K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.Dunlop PNPart Description 
18 RFS1050 AHM9053 Rotating Disc Segment View Part
48 RFS3075 AHO83829-6 Wear Pad View Part
24 RFS80972-1 AHO80972-1 Rivet, Stationary & Back Plate View Part
8 RFS80972-3 AHO80972-3 Rivet, Pressure Plate View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.
More Hawker 850 Brake Parts
RFS Part No.Dunlop PNPart Description 
RFS2040 AHM7151 Stationary Disc View Part
RFS4115 AHM8974 Pressure Plate View Part
RFS4120 AHM7127 Back Plate View Part
RFS5090* AHO89880 Pressure Plate Sub-Assembly View Part
RFS5095* AHO85004 Stationary Disc Sub-Assembly View Part
RFS5100* AHO85003 Back Plate Sub-Assembly View Part
RFS6210 AHO83326-7 Bushing, Pressure & Back View Part
RFS6215 AHO83327-4 Bushing, Stationary View Part
RFS6220 AHO82396 Rivet Spacer View Part
RFS6305 AHO89645 Wear Indicator Pin View Part
RFS6310 AHO89040 Pin Retainer View Part
RFS5185 AHO88453 Torque Tube View Part
* These parts are sold as a sub-assembly with the wear pads already riveted on.