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Stationary Disc RFS2040

Compatible Aircraft:
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QTYRFS Part No.ABSC PNPart Description 
1 RFS5110 5000209 Pressure Plate Sub-assembly* View Part
1 RFS4125 N/A Pressure Plate View Part
1 RFS5115 5000210 Back Plate Sub-assembly* View Part
1 RFS4130 N/A Back Plate View Part
2 RFS5120 5000208 Stationary Disc Sub-assembly* View Part
2 RFS2045 9542648 Stationary Disc View Part
* These parts are sold as a sub-assembly with the wear pads already riveted on. 

Replacement Stationery Disc for Hawker Aircraft: OEM Performance, Without the OEM Price

If you run a fleet with Hawker aircraft, you’re bound to need stationary disc replacements. If you’re still thinking OEM is the only way to go, you’re operating under an antiquated notion that anything less than OEM is not made as well.

Here’s the real story: The FAA has to approve all replacement parts used in aircraft. The approval process is actually more stringent than what the OEM parts were subjected to. Not only are PMA parts the equal of OEM parts, but in many cases, they’re actually superior. (i.e. longer lasting and better performing).

PMA parts also priced substantially less. Our Stationary Disc AHM7151 is a perfect example. We engineered it to work with Hawker 600, 700, 800, 850 and 900 aircraft. It is every bit the equal to Dunlop’s OEM parts. In fact, with the more stringent FAA testing, it had to pass, it could be said our part is actually superior to the OEM part.

We are a leading supplier of all Hawker corporate aircraft brake parts. Visit our Hawker replacement brake parts page to find the model number you're looking for.

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