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Pressure Plate Sub-Assembly RFS5090

Compatible Aircraft:

Top-rated aircraft brake replacement parts follow safety regulations just as safe as your OEM

Don’t waste money on the RFS-5090 pressure plate sub-assembly from your OEM. The PMA RFS-5090 from Rapco Fleet Support goes through the same rigorous safety testing that OEM parts go through.

We're a leading supplier of PMA safety-approved Hawker jet brake parts. Find a Hawker replacement brake parts distributor today!

Learn more about switching to FAA safety-approved PMA parts:

We’re able to offer the same exact part at a lower cost because of our all in-house system. With fewer hoops to jump through, that means less money for you to spend. Make the switch to PMA parts. You’ll save hundreds.

Make the switch to safety regulated pressure plate sub-assemblies to start saving hundreds today!