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Rivet, Pressure Plate RFS80972-3

Rivet, Pressure Plate RFS80972-3 for Hawker 600, Hawker 700, Hawker 800, Hawker 850, Hawker 900 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

Price Tags Differ, but Safety & Quality Remain the Same: Aircraft Brake PMA RFS80972-3 vs OEM Equivalent

It’s time to take off from the myths surrounding OEM and PMA parts manufacturing. In the history of the aviation industry, there hasn’t been a bigger rip-off than the prices set by the Original Equipment Manufacturer on their aircraft brake system parts. While OEM prices can run in the thousands, PMA will charge below one thousand in comparison. PMA brake parts may cost a lot less, but the safety and quality of their supply remains on the same field of OEM parts.

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If you’re buying a replacement rivet, pressure plate for the brake system of an aircraft, you don’t have to throw cash out the window. While OEM will try to suck every dollar out of your wallet, PMA does its part to preserve your bank account. The RFS80972-3 replacement part is a great alternative to its OEM counterpart because of its price and higher quality. Same safety standards, same approval of quality. Just more competitive pricing for the convenience of the customer.

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