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Wear Pad RFS3075

Wear Pad RFS3075 for Hawker 600, Hawker 700, Hawker 800, Hawker 850, Hawker 900 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

Pay Less for a PMA RFS3075 Part & Get the Same Competitive Quality of OEM Brake Manufacturers

Say two separate companies were to put identical pilot caps on sale with one being sold at $19.99 and the other priced at $89.99. As a full-time aviation enthusiast and part-time fashion icon, the higher-priced item may seem more attractive to you simply because of what the price implies. Even though you have two very similar caps, it’s human to assume the one with the lower price is of a different quality. In the case of OEM vs PMA, this assumption doesn’t help any mechanics save money on aircraft brake system parts.

Don’t fall victim to marketing schemes structured to take your money!

While you’ll spend a lot more on parts from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, you’re not paying for further security. The parts manufacturer approval process puts PMA parts through the same expectations, tests, and standards OEM parts are analyzed for. We wouldn’t be able to compete in this marketplace if our aircraft parts really had any less quality than OEM’s supply. Our PMA replacement parts have been approved for the same use OEM parts are checked for.

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