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Wear Pad RFS207-4

Wear Pad RFS207-4 for King Air 100, King Air F90, King Air B99 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


RFS Part Number:
BFG Part No. 101 Series 342-24
BFG Part No. 2-1576 342-143
Beech  115-8001-7
Compatible Aircraft:

Wear Pad 115-8001-7 From a Certified PMA for Affordable Quality

Purchase the alternative to the 115-8001-7 wear pad from Rapco Fleet Support, and you’ll enjoy tremendous benefits by going PMA versus OEM. RFS Brakes has an array of wear pads in-house in Hartland, Wisconsin where they’re manufactured, and we’ll ship them without the complications of a massive OEM.

A Better Brake Part for a Seriously Better Price

RFS’ 207-4 wear pad is proudly manufactured in the USA for unsurpassed quality and reliability, and our wide variety of international distributors allow us to ship fast. This RFS 207-4 Wear Pad is superior to what you can purchase from an OEM, but it costs less, is more reliably machined, and is available through a simpler ordering process.

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