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King Air F90 Aircraft Brake Parts

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Brake Components for Versatile King Air F90 Commuter Aircraft

King Air F90 Commuter Aircraft PMA Brake Parts SuppliersThe King Air F90 airliner is one of the most versatile small commuter class aircraft made. Besides use for corporate travel, these aircraft ferry tourists, law enforcement officers and even packages all across the globe.

FAA approved private aircraft parts represent a serious upgrade over OEM engineered parts. The PMA process, approved by the FAA, ensures adherence to strict modern safety standards and offers greater performance and safety.

Brake Overhaul Kits for King Air F90 Commuter Aircraft

Rapco Fleet Support offers FAA-PMA approved brake overhaul kits to fit a wide range of King Air F90 commuter aircraft. Refer to the chart below for specific part numbers.

Rapco Fleet Support, Inc. to Goodyear / ABS Part Number cross-reference:

RFS-2587K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.BFG Part No.Beech Part No.Part Description 
6 RFS207-4 342-24, 342-143 115-8001-7 Wear Pad View Part
1 RFS2587 133-268, 133-1099 115-8001-15 Rotating Disc View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.

King Air F90 Commuter Airplane Brakes

More King Air F90 Brake Parts
RFS Part No.BFG Part No.Part Description 
RFS-151 115-151-2 Insulator (Lining) View Part
RFS6380 74-533 Piston View Part
RFS40-387 40-387 Spring View Part
RFS20-291 20-291 Adjuster Pin View Part