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Swage Tube RFS5010754

Swage Tube RFS5010754 for Beechcraft 400A Brakes

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

PMA RFS5010754 Aircraft Brake Parts Undergo the Rigorous PMA Approval Process

If you’re on the search for the OEM part ABSC P/N 5010754 swage tube, it’s time to shift gears. You can have the same safe, quality brake system part for your aircraft without spending more money than you have to thanks to the PMA RFS5010754. Just because replacement supplies from Parts Manufacturing Approval are cheaper doesn’t mean they’re worse than OEM parts, in fact, they’re better when you consider the price point.

The aircraft brakes you choose to buy will come down to whether or not you’re comfortable with being ripped off or not. Learn more:

The similarity of OEM and PMA parts makes it unbelievable to realize our competitor would charge you hundreds more per part than we ever would. You don’t receive anything ‘extra’ with the add on price – you’re simply buying a name. Breakaway from the myths and assumptions and give the PMA RFS5010754 swage tube a try. Your aircraft won’t notice a difference, but your wallet definitely will.

RFS Brakes is committed to providing the best brake parts every time. Find more in our extensive list of Beechjet 400A brake replacement parts.

Make the decision to switch to PMA aircraft brake system swage tube parts today!
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