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Pressure Plate RFS4155

Compatible Aircraft:

Rapco Fleet Support makes it possible for you to get 100% FAA regulated replacement parts for your aircraft at a lower price than your OEM.

What’s the difference between our PMA regulated RFS4155 pressure plate and the more expensive OEM version? We have a better price. That’s it. We follow the exact same safety regulations that OEM products follow. Our all-in-house system of designing, testing and manufacturing helps us save money, so you can save money too.

 Still unsure about trusting a provider not affiliated with OEM? Learn more about our process below:

Our world-wide distributors provide Beechjet 400A aircraft brake parts all over the world!

Now that you’ve decided to make the switch to a better value on replacement aircraft brake parts, contact Rapco Fleet Support to learn more about our high quality replacement parts.
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