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Cessna Citation 550 Aircraft Brake Parts

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Cessna Citation FAA/PMA Approved Brake Parts

Citation 550 Aircraft Brake Overhauls and Part ManufacturingIn 1971, the Cessna Citation 500 was one of the first corporate jets powered by turbofan engines. In 1978, its successor, the Citation 550 (AKA the Citation II) increased the overall size of the jet and added more powerful engines. Production of the 500 ended in 1985, while an updated version of the 550, the Citation Bravo, ended production in 2006.

PMA approved brake parts offer a serious performance and safety upgrade to OEM components. Step up to the next level. 

Brake Overhaul Kits for the Cessna Citation 550

Rapco Fleet Support offers FAA-PMA approved brake overhaul kits to fit the Cessna Citation model 550 aircraft equipped with ABSC brake assemblies 5001445 or 5001446 series.


RFS-1446K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.Goodyear/ABS PNPart Description 
36 RFS3070 5003537 Wear Pad View Part
18 RFS16B7 GY16B7 Rivet View Part
18 RFS16B16 GY16B16 Rivet View Part
3 RFS1045 5003540 Rotating Disc View Part
2 RFS2035 5003541 Stationary Disc View Part
36 RFS6B8 GY6B8 Rivet View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.
More Cessna Citation 550 Brake Parts
RFS Part No.Goodyear/ABS PNPart Description 
RFS6125 5003542-1 Piston Insulator View Part
RFS6115 5001540 Piston View Part
RFS5060* 5003538 Back Plate Sub-Assembly View Part
RFS4110 5003539 Back Plate View Part
RFS5065* 5003536 Pressure Plate Sub-Assembly View Part
RFS4105 5002546 Pressure Plate View Part
RFS6105 5001452 Torque Tube View Part

* These parts are sold as a sub-assembly with the wear pads already riveted on.