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Wear Pad RFS3070

Wear Pad RFS3070 for Cessna Citation 500, Cessna Citation 550 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

PMA Wear Pad RFS3070: Better Brake, Better Price

Professionals in the aviation industry are always scouting for the best deals on aircraft brake replacement parts. If you’re in the loop, you’ll know the OEM vs PMA debate has already been settled by Rapco Fleet Support. We’ve proven to every one of our customers our selection isn’t shorter on durability or quality than OEM parts. In fact, all of our parts go undergo thorough testing and are 100% safe for use.

OEM aircraft parts have been leading the industry for decades, but it’s about time a better option was available. Our PMA wear pad is a competitive item in its market. The parts manufacturer approval process ensures goes through the same testing procedures as OEM products, so the difference between the parts has absolutely nothing to do with “quality”. Your aircraft brake system won’t suffer from the implementation of a PMA part. If anything, the overall safety of your aircraft will be improved with the wear pads for sale at Rapco Fleet Support.

Buying our PMA wear pad RFS3070 is all about opportunity. Not only are our aircraft parts a new option for aviation enthusiasts, but it’s one of the best deals available today. Don’t miss out on your chance to save money on Cessna Citation replacement parts!

Order aircraft brake replacement parts from Rapco Fleet Support today!