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Rotating Disc RFS1045

Rotating Disc RFS1045 for Cessna Citation 500, Cessna Citation 550 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

Keep Your Aircraft Brake System Operating Safely with our Rotating Disc RFS1045

From corporate to commuter airplane brake system parts, PMA rotating discs from Rapco Fleet Support is the greatest deal. While you may recognize OEM parts first, the difference between these two manufacturers only comes down to price.

All of our parts are tested with the exact same procedures products produced by the Original Equipment Manufacturer are. Making the decision between the two options is all about your budget:

A brake disc needs to work without being at risk of failing. Aircraft brake pads and discs are manufactured to be 100% safe with PMA and are the same, if not better than their OEM counterparts. Find the best aircraft brake system components and landing gear available when you order from Rapco Fleet Support! Our selection of PMA replacement brake discs keeps you in the loop with the best deals on the safest aircraft brake discs available.

You can also find more Cessna Citation brake part components in our extensive inventory.

Our PMA aircraft parts manufacturing produces 100% safe brake discs – order yours with us today!