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Univair Aircraft PMA Parts

We are proud to offer Univair Aircraft brake parts for an affordable price. Our parts are convenient for shipping and FFA-approved. We carry parts for models (Alon) Aircoupe A2, A2A, (Mooney) M10 Cadet/Coupe, (Piper) PA-20 Piper Cub, and many more.

This Application Guide is to be used for reference only. When selecting a part for installation consult the appropriate aircraft maintenance manual, parts catalogue, or equipment list for optional installations. To convert an original equipment part number to a RAPCO part number, add RA to the beginning of the OEM number. Refer to the FAA-PMA Supplement for installation eligibility.

Rapco PMA Parts for Univair Aircraft include:

Learn more about OEM vs. PMA aircraft brake parts. Why Rapco?

Univair / Model

  • (Alon) Aircoupe A2, A2A
  • (ERCO) Ercoupe 415-C, -CD, -D, -E, -G,(Piper) PA-14 Family Cruiser Brake Parts
  • (Forney) Aircoupe F-1, F-1A
  • (Mooney) M10 Cadet/Coupe
  • (Piper) J-3 Cub
  • (Piper) PA-11 Cub Special
  • (Piper) PA-12 Super Cruiser
  • (Piper) PA-14 Family Cruiser
  • (Piper) PA-16 Clipper
  • (Piper) PA-18 Super Cub
  • (Piper) PA-18 Super Cub
  • (Piper) PA-20 Piper Cub
  • (Piper) PA-20/22 Piper Cub
  • (Stinson) 108, 108-1, -2, -3, -5

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