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Back Plate RFS4120

Compatible Aircraft:

Replacement Back Plate for Hawker Aircraft. Put a stop to wasteful spending.

Face it, the profit margins on operating a fleet of aircraft (or even just one) are too slim to justify any unnecessary expense. Years ago, the OEM parts suppliers would practically lead you to believe aircraft would fall out of the sky if you didn’t spec their parts. It wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now.

Take this replacement backplate (RFS 4120) for Hawker aircraft (600, 700, 800, 850 and 900 models), for instance. Before we could offer it for sale, it had to meet all FAA standards. It did so with flying colors. In fact, PMA parts like this have repeatedly been shown to not only be the equal of OEM parts, but actually superior.

We're a leading supplier of all Hawker corporate aircraft brake parts. Visit our Hawker brake parts page to find the right replacement part for your aircraft.

Resources on PMA Aircraft Parts

Learn more about OEM and PMA parts in the links below. If you don’t come away convinced paying a premium for OEM parts is a colossal waste of money, you have our apologies for wasting your time.

Long story short: Our RFS 4120 backplate is every bit as good as the Dunlop AHM 7127 it replaces. You make no compromises in performance, durability or safety. You just spend less on parts.

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