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Fairchild SA227 Heavy Metro Aircraft Brake Parts

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Fairchild SA227 FAA/PMA Approved Replacement Brake Components

Fairchild SA-227 Brake Parts ManufacturersFirst produced by Swearingen Aircraft and later by Fairchild at their San Antonio, Texas facility, the SA 227 was the evolution of Ed Swearingen’s hybrid SA26 Merlin. With upgraded engines, increased wing span and numerous airframe modification, the SA 227 commuter airplane saw numerous improvements since initial certification in 1980. Used primarily by regional airlines and freight operators, these 19 seat turboprops are extremely durable and have a very strong airframe.

Brake Overhaul Kits for Fairchild SA227 Heavy Metro

Rapco Fleet Support offers FAA-PMA approved brake overhaul kits to fit Fairchild SA227 Heavy Metros equipped with ABSC brake assembly series 5011640.

Rapco Fleet Support, Inc. to Goodyear / ABS Part Number cross-reference:

RFS-1640K Hot-Pac Kit Contents
QTYRFS Part No.ABS Part No.Part Description 
2 RFS1025 5011639 or 5007424 Rotating Disc View Part
2 RFS3020 5007440 Wear Pad View Part
1 RFS3015 5007441 Wear Pad View Part
42 RFS3025 5007439 Wear Pad View Part
20 RFS8B7 GYR8B-7 Rivet View Part
24 RFS8A15 GYR8A-15 Rivet View Part
12 RFS18B14 GYR18B-14 Rivet View Part
12 RFS8B3 GYR8B-3 Rivet View Part
You may purchase Hot-Pac Kit component parts individually.
More Fairchild SA227 Brake Parts
QTYRFS Part No.ABS Part No.Part Description 
1 RFS4035 5007426 Pressure Plate View Part
1 RFS4040 5007425 Stationary Disc View Part
1 RFS4045 5007436 Back Plate View Part
1 RFS5025* 5007442 Pressure Plate Sub-Assembly View Part
1 RFS5030* 5007450 Stationary Disc Sub-Assembly View Part
1 RFS5035* 5007444 Back Plate Sub-Assembly View Part
1 RFS6405 5007427 Torque Tube View Part
1 RFS6365 9535041 Piston View Part

* These parts are sold as a sub assembly with the wear pads already riveted on.

Contact Fairchild Metro commuter aircraft brake parts manufacturers at Rapco Fleet Support for replacement aircraft brake components.