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Wear Pad RFS207-9

Wear Pad RFS207-9 for Fairchild Metro, Fairchild Merlin Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

Alternative OEM Wear Pad for Fairchild Metro / Merlin Series

RFS offer FAA-approved RFS207-9 wear pads (OEM BFG part no. 342-89) and brake overhaul kits for Fairchild Metro and Merlin series commuter airliners. Our PMA approved parts for aircraft are created by our professional technicians for efficacy and functionality.

A Better Brake for Commuter Airliners

For decades, RFS has helped regional and corporate aircraft operators develop better brake component parts while also reducing their costs with in-house FAA-approved manufacturing.

Aircraft Brake Pads Guaranteed for Durability and Quality

When you need a new wear pad for your particular aircraft, you want to make sure your manufacturer utilizes an approved test procedure to ensure the part meets a particular standard of quality. The aircraft professionals at RFS are dedicated to establishing an FAA-approved test when manufacturing aircraft brake pads.

Through better design and implementation, we create better brake components at a lower cost to you.

Search through our network of dedicated aircraft part distributors to find the best FAA approved brake parts anywhere in the United States and around the world!

Aircraft Brake Pads

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