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Back Plate Sub Assembly RFS5050

Back Plate Sub Assembly RFS5050 for King Air 200/300/350 Brakes
RFS Part Number:
Goodyear/ABS 5002261
Beech 101-8002-11
Compatible Aircraft:

Brake system replacement parts safer than your OEM

Since the establishment of the Parts Manufacturer Approval Process, our customers at Rapco Fleet Support have asked questions regarding OEM vs PMA. Are our parts as safe as OEM products?

Safety is always the most important to us. We would not provide parts to our customers that did not pass rigorous safety testing. That's why we're proud to say there is no difference between our PMA parts and your OEM aircraft brake replacement parts, so you get the best RFS5050 backplate assembly that you'd pay hundreds more for from your OEM.

We provide the highest safety quality King Air PMA corporate brake parts anywhere worldwide. Visit our distributors page to locate a King Air brake parts distributor!

Learn more about how our top-rated aircraft brake replacement parts stack up against OEM products:

Contact Rapco Fleet Support aircraft brake manufacturers for more information on the PMA Approval Process and our aftermarket parts.