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Rotating Disc RFS1015-1

Rotating Disc RFS1015-1 for Embraer EMB120 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

Rapco Fleet Support understands the safety concerns aircraft replacement parts buyers have. That’s why we pride ourselves on the safety standards we follow in the manufacturing of our parts. You may not have even been aware the 244/742 rotating brake disc was even available from anyone other than the OEM.

You may wonder: “What’s the difference in the safety approval process between OEM and PMA parts?”

The answer: There is no difference. We follow the same safety guidelines and go through the same vetting process as the original manufacturer.

So what are you paying for when you spend more on OEM products? The name of the original manufacturer. That’s it. The only difference between us and them is we offer your safety at a more affordable price. All of our Embraer brake replacement parts are the safest quality brake components available.

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Check out some of OEM’s product prices and compare them to ours. Once you’ve made the comparison, contact Rapco Fleet Support aircraft brake manufacturers to learn more about the PMA Safety Approval Process, and let our parts keep your passengers safe.