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Rotating Disc RFS1010

Rotating Disc RFS1010 for Jetstream J31 Brake Overhaul

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit



Compatible Aircraft:

We hear it a lot: “Can I trust a parts replacement provider other than my original manufacturer?”

Safety concerns are our top priority too. That’s why Rapco Fleet Support provides RFS1010 rotating disks – and other products – that meet the same safety standards as OEMs. The only reason our PMA regulated parts are lower in price is because we have an all-in-house system of designing and manufacturing. This saves us money, which is how we save you money.

Still unsure about purchasing parts not affiliated with OEM? Read the info below for peace of mind:

Our quality assured Jestream J31 brake parts are available from our aircraft distributors everywhere worldwide.

Aircraft Brake Discs

Once you decide to make the switch, contact Rapco Fleet Support for more information.