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Pressure Plate RFS4020

Compatible Aircraft:

Myth: PMA regulated RFS4020 pressure plates by Rapco Fleet Support aren’t as safe as OEMs because they cost less.

Our safety testing procedures prove that’s not the case. They are exactly the same as the OEM vetting process.

We’re able to sell the same quality product at a better price because of our all-in-house manufacturing style. Every part of the process – from designing to stocking each part – takes place under the same roof, so we’re able to save money on production. That’s how we save you money!

If you’re still unsure how the safety of our products stack up against OEMs, follow the links below:

We provide the safest quality Jetstream brake parts and Embraer brake parts through our aircraft distributors everywhere worldwide!

Once you’ve made the decision to switch to our trusted replacement products, contact Rapco Fleet Support to get in touch with a trusted team member.