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Adjuster Sleeve RFS6570

Compatible Aircraft:

Trusted by some of the top aviation manufacturers in the world, Rapco Fleet Support FAA-approved brake parts have exceeded the same safety standards that OEM replacement parts meet. We carry all of the safest Embraer brake replacement parts everywhere worldwide.

If our quality parts have been through the same vetting process as OEMs, why are we able to charge you so little compared to them? Every 54-413 adjuster sleeve (and all our other parts) is designed, tested, manufactured and stocked at the same Wisconsin location. This saves us money so we can save YOU money. There is no difference in the safety standards between OEMs and PMA products. We just care about giving you the safest part at the best price.

Learn more about the PMA safety standard process and make the switch to better value.

Contact Rapco Fleet Support and a trusted team member will give you more information.