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Wear Pad RFS2017-4

Wear Pad RFS2017-4 for Fairchild Metro, Fairchild Merlin Brakes

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


Compatible Aircraft:

FAA-Approved Wear Pad for Fairchild Brake Assemblies

Rapco Fleet Support offers the best FAA approved brake components on the market, and our dedication to designing the best airplane brake parts around has set the bar high within our industry for decades.

The RFS2017-4 wear pad represents an upgrade over OEM Goodrich part no. 342-24 or 342-143 pads for Fairchild Metro & Merlin commuter aircraft. Why? The meticulous PMA process, approved by the FAA and proven to improve on OEM performance.

We understand design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control, and quality assurance are pivotal when it comes to aircraft brake parts, and through our comprehensive all-in-house system, we help shave dollars off your budget and ensure greater safety for end-users.

Superior Brake Components for Fairchild Private Aircraft

The PMA approval procedure ensures all brake parts we manufacture are safe to be used on all types of commuter aircraft. The FAA approves the efficacy of all our part designs.

You can search through our huge network of dedicated aircraft part distributors today find the best FAA approved brake parts in the United States and around the world.

Contact the aircraft brake component manufacturers at RFS Brakes today to learn more about our services.