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Rotating Disc RFS159-07100

Rotating Disc 159-01700 Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter Brakes
Sikorsky S-76 brake overhaul kit

Comes Individual or in a Kit:

Part of Hot Pac Kit


RFS Part Number:
Cleveland/Parker Hannifin 159-07100
Compatible Aircraft:

RFS159-07100 Rotating Disc for the Sikorsky S76

The RFS159-07100 is an FAA-approved OEM alternative rotating disc for the Sikorsky S76 private corporate helicopter. After successfully undergoing hundreds of design landings on our innovative brake dynamometer, our PMA rotating disc is rigorously tested to ensure it meets FAA’s strict performance and airworthiness standards. Only after surpassing all FAA requirements with flying colors are we satisfied with the safety and quality of our product.

A better brake disc for a better price.

In function, the RFS159-07100 compares to the Cleveland 159-07100. In quality and affordability, it is unmatched. As a PMA brake part, the RFS159-07100 has been thoroughly tested for safety, completing and passing more tests than OEM parts. In addition, our cutting-edge engineering allows this PMA rotating disc to be made available for a more affordable price, keeping down the cost of air travel.

RFS Brakes is your one-stop-shop for any Sikorsky S-76 brake replacement parts you may need.

The RFS159-07100 brake disc can be purchased as part of the Hot Pac Kit RFS-242K or independently. Contact RFS or find a distributor of our quality brake parts today.