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Piston RFS062-10800

062-10800 Piston for Sikorsky S-76 Helicopter Brakes Overhaul
RFS Part Number:
Cleveland/Parker Hannifin 062-10800
Compatible Aircraft:

RFS062-10800 Piston for Sikorsky S76

Deemed high-quality and safe by FAA’s strict standards, the RFS062-10800 is the best piston for your Sikorsky S-76. After completing hundreds of design landings on our innovative brake dynamometer, then passing FAA’s rigorous performance and airworthiness assessments, our piston has earned PMA status.

Safer brake parts mean safer travels. Take no chances.

When it comes to function, the RFS062-10800 piston compares to the Cleveland 062-10800. When it comes to quality and safety, our PMA piston outperforms every time. To be granted PMA status, our products complete and pass more quality and safety tests than OEM parts. In addition, our cutting-edge engineering allows the RFS062-10800 to be made available at a more affordable price, decreasing the cost of air travel.

Check out our entire Sikorsky S-76 brake component list so you can complete your aircraft upgrade all at once.

To better serve you, the RFS062-10800 piston can be purchased through RFS or one of our distributors. Contact us or locate a distributor today to purchase quality brake parts.